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Breville Juicers

The Breville company has been around for a long time. The company was started back in 1932 when Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville joined forces. The name of the company, Breville, is a combination of both of their last names. Some of their earliest products included things like radios and mine detectors during World War II. In the mid-1950s Breville started to manufacture small kitchen appliances and over the years Breville has become a household name.

With a Breville juicer you can get commercial quality performance at home. Breville juicers are very powerful machines capable of extracting more juice than many of the competing machines on the market. And of course more efficient juicing means more money in your pocket because you won’t be wasting money to buy more fruits and vegetables to get the same amount of juice.┬áBreville juicers range in price from approximately $130 to about $500.