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Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer

Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer

Whether you plan to use it as an ingredient in drinks and smoothies, or serve it straight to your customers, fresh fruit juice has an unbeatable taste your customers will love. The Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer lets you easily extract fresh juice from a variety of citrus fruits with maximum yield and minimal effort! To make juice collection easy, this unit also comes with a 1 liter container that fits under the spout. This makes it easy to get maximum yield from your machine and eliminates the need to find or purchase a separate container for your juicer.

Its compact design is ideal for juice bars, restaurants, hospitals, cafeterias, and hotels. Made in America and available with 1 year limited warranty. Measures 9-1/4-inch height by 7-1/4-inch width by 7-1/4-inch depth. The following are the main features of the Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer


Waring Commercial BJ120C PartsCounter space is a valuable commodity and this juicer is build with that point in mind. It features a smaller footprint than many comparable juicers. The heavy duty die-cast base is mounted on vibration-dampening feet for extra-quiet and stable operation on the countertop. The heavy duty die-cast base provides maximum durability in even the busiest bars and cafes. The toggle switch operation on this model makes it easy to use this juicer.

It also features a universal reamer design that is perfect for juicing a variety of citrus fruits. Use it for maximum juice yields on lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and everything in between.


Juice up to 120 oranges per hour


The juice bowl and reamer are detachable for easy cleaning and they can go in the dishwasher for added convenience.


  • Very durable machine
  • Simple Operation
  • Compact Size
  • Universal reamer thoroughly Juices all types of citrus fruits
  • Heavy-duty metal base provides stability while juicing
  • Vibration-absorbing rubber feet keep juicer from slipping


  • Basket that catches the pulp is a little bit small

Consumer Ratings

When researching the Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer there were very reviews numbering less than 60. The average user rating is 4.0 stars. One minor complaint that came up a couple of times is that the basket that catches the pulp is a little bit small and needs to be emptied fairly often. There were also a few people that said the the Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer is an inferior juicer that can barely even get juice out of citrus fruits but this is very puzzling because the positive reviews vastly outnumber the negative ones and some people stated that extracting juice from citrus fruits is their primary use for this machine.

One reviewer in particular said that they have a tree in their yard that produces Ponderosa lemons the size of grapefruits and that they use the Waring PCJ2 Citrus Juicer to extract juice from their lemons in bulk and then freeze the lemon juice for later use. This person said that they have juiced lemons for up to an hour at a time and this machine has no trouble at all going through these grapefruit sized lemons one after another.

Final Thoughts

According to our research the the Waring Commercial BJ120C Citrus Bar Juicer is a very high-quality juicer and is attractively priced for commercial juicing.

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